Monday, April 27, 2015


Let me just start by saying, "I miss Google Reader!"  I am a Google girl and I loved having the reader as part of my Google app family.  To be honest, since its demise, I have not been near as faithful in reading blog posts.

As part of the GCISD, I set up a Feedly account.  You can read your Feedly at or through the app.  Adding blogs to follow is super easy and you can group them by categories.  To setup a Feedly account, all you have to do is go to the website and sign in with your Google account.

When you first login to Feedly, you can choose some categories that you are interested in following, or you can go straight to adding blogs you know you want to follow. On the left column, simply click on "Add Content"

Next, paste the link to a blog that you would like to follow.

Click on the link and then "+feedly"

Once added, look to the left and select a category to classify this blog.  Click "Add".

You are now ready to start following your blogs. Your feedly groups your feed by your self-selected categories!

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