Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ISTE Day 1 Takeaways

When you go to a conference, the amount of learning can often be overwhelming. I also have a tendency to push myself to gain new knowledge at every opportunity that I fail to allow time to process that learning and to master it. Thanks to a colleague, I decided that I wanted to learn 5 things each day and anything beyond that was a bonus. I also wanted to make sure that I learned at least one thing from a Playground or Poster session or a vendor in the Expo.

Here are 5 things I learned today:

1. Padlet's shelf feature

I like Padlet as a tool for collaboration and sharing of ideas in the classroom. However, it can become quite disorganized as students add thoughts. In the past, I have created background images in Google Slides to provide columns for students to sort their notes on the canvas. Now, with the addition of the shelf feature, there is no need. You can create the topics/questions for each column and participants respond in the correct column. You can read more about it at this blog post by Padlet.  When Padlet released the Shelf stream, they added some other new features as well. You can read more about them here.

2. Twitter Searches

I regularly go to Twitter to search for a certain hashtag. What I didn't know is that I could drill that search down even further. I'm currently at ISTE.  I can search Twitter for #ISTE17 but that feed is long and full of great information. If I want to see what is being said at ISTE about the Apple app Clips, I can search #ISTE17 Clips.  Pick something you want to know more about and go search the #ISTE17 hashtag. You may find some great resources!

3.  Speaking of Clips, it is my new favorite app! There is so much this app can do and I am just beginning to scratch the surface. The Verge says Apple’s Clips App Is iMovie for the Next Generation.  Here are my notes on the app from a session I attended today:

Clips app

  • allows you to create multiple clips on the go
  • Live Titles allow you to speak text and it will add it as text on the video
  • You can pause for humor/drama
  • You can tap on text to get a text editor to make changes.
  • Can add music from your iTunes or from Soundtracks that apple has built in that are completely legal to use. Apple paid musicians to write the songs. Songs change length based on length of the video! 25 sec video they make a 25-second version of the song!
  • Videos will be square to fit the screen without turning to landscape mode.
  • You can tap library to pull from what you already have on the device. Hold to add the photo.
  • Trash to delete. Or pick up clip and flick away
  • Pinch in to zoom and then as recording, drag out to give animation like Ken Burns effect.
  • Zoom way in on satellite picture to make it seem like a drone film
  • Ease in and out feature makes it smooth.
  • Trim to make it where the entire time it is in motion.
  • Tap anywhere on the video you brought in to preview.
  • Scrubber bar is along bottom
  • You can position video before or while recording. So you are moving the camera in post production.
  • Keep things moving in clips videos. Don't make your scenes too long.
  • Can use panorama clips. You can pan from one side to another and it becomes animated video.

4. Plotagon Education

I enjoy creating animated videos and I really enjoy a good Bitmoji! Plotagon Education brings these two worlds together! (Note, there is also a Plotagon app but you will want the education version. If you sign up soon, teachers can get a 1-year subscription for free!)  Here is my first Plotagon that I created! (To all those who feel they have lived this scene with me before, I'm sorry. Special shout out to @ErinGerdes for the voice over!)

I've read a few additional blogs tonight on uses for Plotagon. Here are some of my favorite so far:

I'm thinking it could be a great teacher-created "hook" for your next HyperDoc!

5. Relationships are important. Whether talking to a vendor, friends, or strangers, I seemed to learn something from them all. I seriously walked up to the Plotagon booth and said: "Tell me why I would want to learn about your product and how to use it". I had a great time visiting with Joe from Plotagon.

I had lunch with two of my teammates and we were able to discuss our learning through the lens of GCISD. Then tonight, the three of us joined the ISTE Ed Tech coaches for a meetup dinner. Listening to others in the role speak of what they are doing in their schools gave me food for thought and reminded me that GCISD is the BEST and I am grateful to work and learn alongside so many wonderful educators!

Bonus: Flipgrid isn't new conference learning for me, but I do love the app for a way to capture student/teacher voice.  Today I learned that Flipgrid now offers Flipgrid Certified Educators. In order to apply, one component is to provide evidence that I have had 10 respondents to a Flipgrid post. Would you be willing to go to and leave a quick video reflection on something you have learned this summer (if posting from a mobile device, you will need the app to respond)?  By doing this, you will help me grow my practice!

Well, it is 12:30 AM and learning starts all over bright and early in the morning!  Signing off from #ISTE17


  1. Great post Suzanne! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you learn today! (I'm just going to follow along and pretend I'm there learning with y'all!)

  2. Thank you for such wonderful information! I am excited to try Plotagon and Flipgrid!