Monday, February 2, 2015

TCEA Learning

Today has been a crazy day of learning at TCEA Google Academy.  I think it will probably take me months to dig through all of the learning.  I saw some new things in sessions today, but after that learning ended, I've spent an additional four hours in my hotel room looking through the twitter feed and bookmarking presentation after presentation.  Almost every session in the academy posted their presentation.  So much of this learning fits perfectly with the PLP in GCISD.  In our new model, teachers can choose to have their learning come Twitter.  It is a huge Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I would encourage each of my readers to check out the hashtag #Googlicious and #learnanywhere .  Googlicious was only used today for the Google Academy, but Learnanywhere will be used throughout the conference.  A great tool to use when trying to follow Twitter feeds is TweetDeck.  You can add the Chrome Extension by going to TweetDeck. On TweetDeck, you can click the magnifying glass and search for each of these hashtags and then add a column for them.  I always have about 15 columns on my TweetDeck.

Speaking of PLPs and Twitter.  For those who choose to learn via Twitter and want to document your learning in you PLP Doc, check out Twitter Curator Add-On.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the add-on Twitter Curator Tutorial

Stay tuned for more share outs from TCEA as I dig through them!

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